Microsoft Ignite, which is set to take place May 4-8 in Chicago, promises to provide--across Microsoft's product line--a plethora of information, announcements, meetings, opportunities, demos, workshops, thought leadership  … Wow, that’s a lot to absorb in a few days. Fortunately for those focused on what’s coming in SharePoint 2016, Microsoft’s Bill Baer has provided some recommendations for sessions that will provide the most bang for your conference time buck.

In a blog post, Baer, senior product marketing manager for SharePoint, said the top three sessions for learning more about SharePoint 2016 are:

1. The Evolution of SharePoint: This session, targeted at technical/business decision makers, provides what sounds like high-level info on the vision, strategy and high-level investment areas in SharePoint Server 2016, including a broad overview of capabilities.

2. What's New for IT Professionals in SharePoint: Intended for IT implementers, this session offers more detailed information on SharePoint Server 2016’s capabilities, including architecture, deployment and provisioning.

3. Overview and Implementing Hybrid Search with the New Hybrid Search Crawl Appliance: Drilling way down, this session will be of interest to IT implementers looking to understand the advanced hybrid search capabilities included in SharePoint Server 2016.

There are many more Ignite sessions devoted to SharePoint, of course, but these three sound like they will offer meaningful info for stakeholders at different levels of the organization and along the SharePoint continuum.