During my many years working as a consultant, traveling around the world working with clients, I have heard the same story again and again. It begins with someone where you work--maybe you--suddenly being asked to look at a product called SharePoint to see if it could work for the business. Now, skip ahead a few months, or maybe a year: SharePoint is in, and that person (or you) is now the go-to person--the one who is supposed to know everything about SharePoint. If this is you, then you may have attended some training, read some blogs and really just run with it--hoping you could come to understand and learn all there is to know about such a beast of a platform.

If this is how your SharePoint career began, then I admire the challenge that you took on. Learning SharePoint is no small feat. Indeed, it can take many years, and, in reality, is there really anyone that knows all there is to know?

That brings me to this post. This is the beginning of a journey you can follow. After all this time I have come to realize that really we just need to know the "how"--how to create something, how something works and how it can be used.

So what does this mean? Well, during the next several months, a new series of blog posts will be coming out right here, under the heading “SharePoint How To: The Series.”

This series will replace the regular single monthly SharePoint Webinars we normally do, and instead give you practical guidance, advice and step-by-step walkthroughs. The goal is to help you do the things you need to do in SharePoint. Some of these posts will be for simple tasks, others for tasks more technical in nature. But the goal is the same: to show you “how it is done” in an easy and concise way.

The first article in this series focuses on SharePoint administration. Others will follow, and each is intended to build on the others to deepen your knowledge over time.

At the end of each series of posts, the journey will really just have begun: In the month following the completion of a series, we will host a webinar that will enable you to learn even more on the subject at hand. So, be prepared to bring your questions, thoughts and ideas to experts who can help you learn the “How” of SharePoint.

So let’s get ready for some great content, great discussions and great presentations to help you further your knowledge and even your career. Stay tuned, and bookmark this page to see the latest series content as it becomes available. The list below outlines the next four months of blog posts and webinars.

October Blog Series: SharePoint Administration (to register, click here)

October Webinar: SharePoint End User Security

November Blog Series: SharePoint for Beginners

November Webinar: SharePoint Administration

December Blog Series: SharePoint Business Intelligence

January Blog Series: Building SharePoint Add-ins

January Webinar: SharePoint Business Intelligence