In its latest security infographic, HiSoftware offers up its list of Most Wanted SharePoint Offenders, whether clueless, curious, or just plain bad.

These are the people who are mostly responsible for data leaks and security breaches in organizations today.

Click the image below to look closer. Do you recognize any (ex) coworkers?

Actually, says Chris McNulty, HiSoftware VP, in spite of the sensational headlines, nearly 80 percent of organizations report that their leaks and breaches happened by accident.  

Yes, stupid happens. Quite frequently too, it appears.

To be fair, most employees simply misunderstand procedures, or are in a hurry to complete a task. Most have no intention of leaking data.  

But, as they say, the road to bad publicity and costly penalties is paved with good intentions.

And, of course, there are people who have no good intentions at all.

HiSoftware polled customers, industry observers, and even analyzed major news-making breaches and leaks. From this analysis, they came up with this list of most typical offenders.

What do you think? Would you add anything to the list?