SCMS is a SharePoint based customer support ticketing tool that allows you to easily manage your relationships with customers. It helps to track and manage all requests across multiple channels like email in a centralized ticket support system. SCMS ensures that all the confidential ticketing data is fully protected against any potential threat and  guarantees that no unauthorized user can get access to sensitive information.Requests are automatically added to the ticket queue, reducing the number of calls and eliminating the ticket creation process by staff. End users can also track the status of their request through the track bar. Flexible settings allow each department to manage their own support/request/project queue. Preferred by both service teams and their customers for its beautifully simple interface, SCMS is easy to try, buy, implement, and use. For more information, read this whitepaper and find out what SCMS can do for your organization.

Some SCMS best practices covered in the White Paper are:

  • Implementation of Ticket request automation processes in SCMS
  • Ticket Statistics on monthly basis
  • Real-time features that decrease time required to generate tickets
  • Use of SCMS for any business to ease helpdesk operations

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