Increasingly, organizations are overwhelmed by massive quantities of file-based business data. Market analysts estimate that 80 percent of all enterprise data is unstructured and that unstructured data will grow tenfold in the next five years.

Significant operational IT resources are spent attempting to gain insight into this data and manage it. Native operating system and file system tools do not help, and third-party point solutions are typically too narrowly focused.

Read this 11-page white paper to learn how Imperva’s SecureSphere File Security product line addresses these challenges. SecureSphere automates manual processes with core capabilities that include:

• Efficient file activity monitoring and auditing
• Scalable user rights management for files
• Automated business policy enforcement for file data

The paper highlights these capabilities by providing use-case scenarios that demonstrate how organizations can dramatically cut the amount of time being spent today by IT Operations staff on a variety of activities.