Benco Dental is the fastest growing dental distributor in America, with over 50 regional showroom locations and 5 distribution centers that service over 30,000 dental professionals across America. The company’s 450 sales representatives are on a tight schedule, typically visiting a dozen dental offices a day. When Benco wanted to improve customer satisfaction by having a quicker response time to dentists’ questions and requests for information, it chose SharePoint and Colligo Engage. With 2,000 manufacturer documents, videos, and 3GB of data, it was vital to be able to quickly locate the correct document and be sure that it was the latest version. Colligo automatically syncs the most current SharePoint content, giving sales professionals easy offline access to the latest product collateral from their iPads and iPhones.

With Colligo, our sales people are much more responsive, and also more productive, since they respond to each dentist’s questions on-site and don’t need office time later to catch up.” – Terry Barrett, VP of Information Technology, Benco Dental

By deploying Colligo Engage & SharePoint, Benco was able to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by responding more rapidly to dentists’ questions
  • Improve sales productivity by 15%, by enabling them to respond on-site, cutting the need for follow-up time back at their desks
  • Broadened SharePoint adoption by 20%, by enabling sales to access their sales collateral on the road and offline