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Stacy Wilson, ABC, Eloquor Consulting, helps companies communicate more effectively with employees in the digital workplace. Her specialty is supporting governance, usability, content and adoption for digital workplaces/intranets, along with change communication for technology change such as ERP implementations. Connect with Stacy at LinkedIn or on Twitter, or with Eloquor on Facebook.

Stacy Wilson's Blog Posts:

Not Using the SharePoint MySite Profile? Here's What You're Missing 1
Some organizations don’t use the profile in SharePoint’s MySite at all. Most of those who do use it exactly as it arrives in the box. But low adoption and doubts from executives often stifle further investment in what could be a tremendously valuable tool for the business.
Govern a SharePoint Intranet Effectively with Two Simple Content Management Techniques
Most corporate legal teams wish colleagues would get rid of more content in a timely fashion. Many documents we create in the course of our work are not considered records, and therefore are not governed by the document retention schedule. These are just the types of content that should be purged regularly. At the same time, there are actual records that should not remain findable in a digital workplace after their useful life. Old copies of policy, for example, should not be found in an intranet search.
Why Organizations Don’t Leverage What They’ve Got 1
I was sitting with the leadership team of a business unit of a larger organization, planning for their leadership retreat. In reviewing its business plan, the issue of collaboration kept coming up, as it during the many interviews I’d already completed with the organization.
The Dark Side of Site Audits and Requirements Definition
Sometimes, you open a can of worms when you poke around your intranet to define requirements for improvement. Often, when you audit intranet sites you find things you’d rather not know about.
3 Ways to Support Your SharePoint Intranet People
Here are 3 ways to keep the intranet lights on and the users coming in the door--with training, tools, and creating a community of support.
Launching an Intranet: The Crucial Step You Cannot Skip
Creating a successful intranet means dealing with more than color, fonts, images, and branding. The most important parts of the user experience come from work you've done up front, researching user needs. See these tips and find out why you can't afford to skip this crucial step.
Providing Good Policy Guardrails for Employee Intranet Users
Part of the reason why governance doesn’t work is because users often don’t understand it. They don’t know what they can and cannot, should and should not do in the context of the employer’s digital workplace, whether it's a SharePoint intranet or otherwise. Here's what you can do to help.
Create Great News in Your SharePoint Intranet
Use your SharePoint intranet to its fullest by successfully adding a central hub that filters social and news to employees.
How to ID the Right Business Processes to Web Enable
Have you found the right processes to web-enable yourself to greater adoption, usage, and success? Here are tips from an industry expert for intranet and business processes success.
Can a SharePoint Intranet Increase Employee Engagement? 2
Can you use SharePoint to increase employee engagement? You bet! Here are some great ideas for how to make the most out of your intranet.
Embedding Governance in Your SharePoint Intranet 2
Many SharePoint intranets get stale over time--here's a way to make governance a process that will ensure your intranet is a site users want to visit and use.
How to Measure Enterprise Social Technology
Organizations do not inherently know how to measure social--you have to go beyond electronically delivered metrics to the stories that drive ROI.
How to Create SharePoint Taxonomy Governance
Too many people throw a set of terms into the SharePoint term store and walk away. Then they wonder why users complain about search. Creating taxonomy is a challenge. But following these steps can help make it work.
How to Design Content for Online Use
Enhance user adoption of your SharePoint intranet by paying attention to how you design and publish online content.
Getting from Intranet to Digital Workplace
How do you communicate with non-technical people when you're trying to determine your intranet strategy? Maybe start with getting rid of the word "intranet"? Tips and language for techies and business types alike can help ensure success. Here's how.

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